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If you would like more information about sibling contact, there’s a number of organisations and people who can help you…


Who Cares? Scotland provides professional, independent advocacy services in most local authority areas in Scotland. Advocacy is an equal partnership between young people and their Who Cares? Scotland worker. The worker develops a trusting relationship with the young person, and helps them to have their say and understand what they want to say. A worker can help a young person speak to their Social Worker and Children’s Panel Member – or their carers and teachers. Advocacy is a way of helping children and young people understand their rights. Visit the Who Cares? Scotland website for more information.

Scottish Child Law Centre

The Scottish Child Law Centre provides free legal advice to children and young people. Contact the under 21s freephone – from a landline call 0800 328 8970 or from a mobile call 0300 330 1421 – or email They are also on Facebook and have a website at and you can contact them through that.

Children’s Rights OfficerS

Every council (local authority) in Scotland has a Children’s Rights Officer (sometimes called a Children’s Rights and Information Officer). They can give children and young people information and advice and help children and young people to represent their views and have their say at meetings (including Children’s Hearings). Contact your council to find out more about your Children’s Rights Officer.

Clan Childlaw

Provides a legal and advocacy service for children and young people. They deliver free, confidential legal advice and representation in Edinburgh, the Lothians and Glasgow to children and young people up to the age of 18, or 21 if they have been Looked After.

They also provide free information and guidance about children’s rights and the law to family members, carers and adults who work with children or young people in Scotland.

Visit their website to find out more.

Scottish Legal Aid Board

Legal aid helps people who cannot afford to pay for someone to help them with their legal problems. More information is available on the Scottish Legal Aid Board website or you can call 0845 122 8686. They also have a leaflet written just for young people to help you understand what help they can give you. Please click on the link to read this leaflet

Need more help?

Remember, if you have any questions or concerns about sibling contact then please ask someone for help. Any of these organisations or people can help you. There’s lots of other websites out there with information including Young Scot and the Children and Young People’s Commissioner. If you are going to a Children’s Hearing you can visit the Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration website.


It’s all about sibling separation, contact and what it means for you!

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