About our initiative

Stand Up For Siblings is a collaboration between a number of child welfare, children’s rights and legal organisations and academics within Scotland.

Why it’s important

We know that children who face adversity greatly value their relationships with siblings. Yet often these relationships become disrupted when, for example, children become looked after or the courts intervene in parenting.

We believe that more can be done to protect the rights and promote the wellbeing of siblings in such circumstances and are working together to influence the law, policy and practice.

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following changes …

We are calling for the



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as birth parent contact.

same legal footing

to put sibling contact on the

1. A change in the law

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relationships in official

of children’s sibling

2. Clear recording


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between siblings.

3. National quality indicators

for direct contact

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assessment to replace the

4. A new national

‘lifelong sibling relationships’

‘together/apart’ assessment.

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contact in Children's Hearings


5. Transparent recording of

children’s views

and reviews.

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and adopters of

6. A recruitment strategy

to attract foster carers

sibling groups.

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permanently separated from

for children

7. Universal access to

life story work

birth siblings.

To find out who is involved meet our members.


Key Facts

We do not know how many children in care in Scotland have siblings also in care and how many are living apart from them.

Around 40% of children in adoptive or permanent fostering families in Scotland are living apart from all of their birth siblings.

Around 70% of children in adoptive or permanent fostering families  in Scotland are separated from at least one of their birth siblings.

Where sibling contact is in place, this tends to become less frequent over time.

International research suggests that it is common for siblings not to be comprehensively recorded in children’s files.


It’s all about sibling separation, contact and what it means for you!

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