On December 12th 2018, the ‘Positive About Youth’ awards ceremony took place, which is organised by Renfrewshire Youth Voice. Sisters Chloe and Danielle won the ‘Campaign for Change’ award for their incredible contribution to the Stand Up For Siblings project, where they have shared their story of sibling separation in care.

Below is what Chloe and Danielle had to say about winning the award and their involvement in the SUFS project:

How have you been involved in SUFS?

“We made a video about sibling separation and the impact of this. We also attended the Stand up For Siblings conference and took part in discussions around the issues of sibling separation and contact.  We delivered training to Renfrewshire Children’s Panel members where we led a workshop about the impacts of being separated from brothers and sisters. The panel members who attended this training have fed back to us that they are more aware of this issue and that they have been encouraged to challenge and questions situations where siblings might be separated.”

 Why is SUFS important to you?

“There are so many care experienced people right now who want to see their siblings but they can’t, and nothing is being done about it. Stand up for Siblings is important to us because we feel that the more people that are talking about this issue, it is more likely that things will change.”

What was it like winning an award for your work?

“Winning the award felt overwhelming because even to be nominated was a big achievement. On the night of the awards our brother was there to see us win it which was emotional for all of us.”

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