You will have hopefully heard already about the evaluation of Siblings Reunited (STAR) being undertaken by the Association for Fostering, Kinship and Adoption (AFKA) Scotland, funded by The Promise Scotland.

Further information about the work we are doing is provided here. 

We are now at the next stage of our recruitment process and would like to conduct either online or face-to-face interviews with the following people:

  • brothers and sisters aged 13 or above who attend STAR or have done so in the past;
  • carers and parents of brothers or sisters who attend STAR or have done so in the past;
  • social workers who are working, or have worked, with a child who attends STAR.

If you can spare an hour to talk to us, please email Mark Hardy  Also, if you know of someone who might be interested in being interviewed, please share these details with them.

Finally, a huge Thank You! Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the project so far, either by filling out online surveys, or posting your comments into the postbox at STAR. If you have not yet completed a survey, the online survey can be found here, or complete a post-card survey next time you visit STAR.

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