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Strathclyde Hidden Voices are holding their third annual conference in May. The online event will take place on Saturday 20 May from 10am-12.30pm. 

This year speakers include Dr Kirsty Deacon and Jennifer Ferguson. 

Dr Kirsty Deacon is currently a Research Officer with the Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration, working on a two-year partnership project with Families Outside exploring care- experienced children and young people’s experience of sibling imprisonment. Dr Deacon will be sharing her current and previous research with us regarding the impact of sibling imprisonment on children and young people. 

Jennifer is responsible for the national co-ordination and provision of support to existing prison visitors’ centres; project management of Scottish Ministers’ funding for visitors’ centres; and development of new prison visitors’ centres in Scotland. Before joining Families Outside, Jennifer worked within a local authority Criminal Justice setting for eleven years, and prior to this within a statutory homeless assessment team for two years. She also volunteered within her local Children’s Panel for ten years. 

Delegates will then come together in breakout rooms to explore common misconceptions, share our experiences and think about the ways we can use what we have learned to have an impact on the families and communities we work with. 

You can sign up for the event here.

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